Wine Tour and Bylands Christmas Open House
Tour Commences at 3:30 pm 
It’s time you celebrate the Christmas Winter Wineries spirit and have a few sips of their winter wines and Ice wines then of to  Bylands’ at 6:pm stay to approx. 7ish to 7:30pm and have a safe ride home.
We will be picking up people from Kelowna to West Kelowna.
Groups of 8 or more:
Price $75.00 per person from West Kelowna / $85.00 per person from Kelowna / Lake Country $95.00 per person
Includes Tasting Fees at Wineries
View past events at Byland-Sharon K Chartrand 

We had a great time enjoying the evening at Indigenous winery where we tried 4 wines and great cherry sparkling juice for the children then off to Byland nursery for a family event Christmas celebration. Variety with over 50 plus people at Indigenous winery on three buses and a few hundred at Bylands nursery with families from all ages.

PIctures from 2017 - 2018

christmas pic 1